We Help Business People Become Better Writers.

The Loft's Writing at Work program will bring a professional communicator to work with your staff in lunch time, half-day, or full-day seminars. Our roster of instructors currently offers seminars in: 

Social Media

Social Media Voice: Finding Authenticity

Gracious or flip? Funny or refined? Curious or cool? We can likely all think of social media examples where these choices have gone awry or been wildly effective, so even if we know the why (the strategy) and the what (the content) for our business’ social channels, how do we know the how (our tone)? The most effective social media channels find a following through personality, and that only comes across through voice. In this seminar—through case studies, exercises, and examples—we’ll explore what kinds of voices an organization might take on, and how to go about determining the best fit for yours.  

Social Media Strategy: Content and Conversation

Do you know why your organization uses (or should use) social media? If you don’t know or you thought something like ‘to make it go viral’ or ‘that’s just what everyone does,’ you probably don’t have much in the way of social media strategy. In this seminar, we’ll explore what tools to consider, when and how often to post, which content to share, who can help create and extend conversations, and how to analyze your results, diffuse your critics, and amplify your strongest advocates.


Digital Communication

Writing for the Web

When you go to a company or organization website, you aren’t seeking the same things you might from a great book, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an art to writing for the web. Website writing needs to be organized and presented for the medium it serves. The scanning eye and clicking finger dominate this landscape, and effective organizational website writing knows how to take advantage of those behaviors. In this seminar, you’ll learn some key web writing practices like employing hierarchies of information, ensuring short, scannable text, and highlighting content with visual cues. 

Improving Emails and Enews

Email remains one of the cornerstones of marketing plans and workplace communication. Yet, our inboxes are flooded, our emails go unanswered, and we delete more than we read. Is this just the way it is, or is there anything we can do to make email—both internal and external—more effective? Of course. From the subject line to the signature file, we’ll examine enewsletters, email correspondence, and maybe even a spam message or two to look at what inspires action and what just falls flat. 

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Copywriting: Tips and Techniques

Copywriting has a language all its own, and this seminar will explore the tricks and traps in the practice. We’ll look at headlines, writing to sell, capturing attention, and much more. Using what we’ve discussed and learned, we’ll work through a number of specific writing challenges, including your own.  

Advanced Copywriting

You’ve written plenty of copy. You know the basics, but there’s always more to learn. In this seminar, we’ll go beyond the basics of copywriting into the more conceptual aspects, including emotional appeal, consistency, humor, and impact. You’ll walk away with a tool kit of new approaches for your next assignment. 


Strategic Communications

Content Strategy

Many traditional outreach methods are becoming less and less effective—people are skimming, fast forwarding, blocking, and deleting like never before. But they skip in order to get to something else. Having a consistent, audience-centered content strategy, one that doesn’t interrupt what people want, but instead gives them what they want, is one of the best ways to break through the noise. In this seminar, we’ll discuss the why, how, and what of creating content that people actually seek. 

Proposals That Engage

Potential stakeholders need to connect with ideas. The strongest proposals don’t just relate the compelling facts, they weave them together into a powerful story to make an idea, need, or purpose into something visceral. But how do you actually do that? In this seminar, we’ll look at the principles of storytelling and proposal structure and make sure that your next one makes your best ideas come to life. 

Writing Better Presentations

Great presentations require many of the principles behind great writing. It’s not just about getting the idea across, it’s about finding the most compelling way to do it. This seminar is for anyone who struggles with their presentations—getting complicated ideas across, finding the balance between information and interactivity, and engaging an audience. It’s also for anyone who’s been read mind-numbing slide after slide and vowed that they’d never do that to someone else. 


Style & Grammar

Great Communication Skills: Grammar, Tone, Syntax

Description: In this seminar, you will develop skills in grammar and business communication relevant to digital communication and report writing in the workplace. The program begins with a review of basic grammar and usage. Topics discussed include punctuation, verb tenses, and mechanics. How to use advanced techniques such as tone, narrative strategy, and descriptive language will be reviewed. The instructor will provide structured lessons and feedback on the art and science of grammar and the craft of effective writing. 

The Copy Editor’s Guide to Grammar

Copy editors are experts at communicating clearly and effectively. A professional copy editor can come to your place of business and lead workshops on tone, syntax, and grammar fundamentals. This seminar also reviews adhering to workplace specific style guides, narrative flow, and principles of great communication. 


Narrative & Storytelling

Corporate Storytelling

Strategic creative communication is key to developing your organization's narrative. Using fiction techniques and elements of storytelling, this class will help you find your message, analyze your audience, craft the optimal vehicles for bringing your narrative and audience together, and tell stories that will keep your audience engaged.

Narrative Healing

This class offers participants the unique opportunity to explore writing as a healing art. A Loft instructor will lead workshops on writing for healing, writing to remember, and writing to connect at your health or human services organization.