Strategic Communications

Content Strategy

Many traditional outreach methods are becoming less and less effective—people are skimming, fast forwarding, blocking, and deleting like never before. But they skip in order to get to something else. Having a consistent, audience-centered content strategy, one that doesn’t interrupt what people want, but instead gives them what they want, is one of the best ways to break through the noise. In this seminar, we’ll discuss the why, how, and what of creating content that people actually seek. 

Proposals That Engage

Potential stakeholders need to connect with ideas. The strongest proposals don’t just relate the compelling facts, they weave them together into a powerful story to make an idea, need, or purpose into something visceral. But how do you actually do that? In this seminar, we’ll look at the principles of storytelling and proposal structure and make sure that your next one makes your best ideas come to life. 

Writing Better Presentations

Great presentations require many of the principles behind great writing. It’s not just about getting the idea across, it’s about finding the most compelling way to do it. This seminar is for anyone who struggles with their presentations—getting complicated ideas across, finding the balance between information and interactivity, and engaging an audience. It’s also for anyone who’s been read mind-numbing slide after slide and vowed that they’d never do that to someone else.