Social Media

Social Media Voice: Finding Authenticity

Gracious or flip? Funny or refined? Curious or cool? We can likely all think of social media examples where these choices have gone awry or been wildly effective, so even if we know the why (the strategy) and the what (the content) for our business’ social channels, how do we know the how (our tone)? The most effective social media channels find a following through personality, and that only comes across through voice. In this seminar—through case studies, exercises, and examples—we’ll explore what kinds of voices an organization might take on, and how to go about determining the best fit for yours.  

Social Media Strategy: Content and Conversation

Do you know why your organization uses (or should use) social media? If you don’t know or you thought something like ‘to make it go viral’ or ‘that’s just what everyone does,’ you probably don’t have much in the way of social media strategy. In this seminar, we’ll explore what tools to consider, when and how often to post, which content to share, who can help create and extend conversations, and how to analyze your results, diffuse your critics, and amplify your strongest advocates.